Costa Rica is, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting, unique and ideal destination for tourists looking for a blend of adventure and sports at any given time of the year. Actually, it is not surprising that this country is in the top three adventure destinations in the world. This is a reality because in Costa Rica you can choose from a varied list of adventures and sport activities like: rafting, kite surfing, zipline, rappel, trekking, hiking, bungee jumping, tubing and many, many more exciting activities. Also, you can practice sports like fishing, surfing, golf, mountain biking and equestrian activities.

So, when a country has so much to offer in adventure activities, adding the passion that the costarican people have for sports, it is very easy to get a beautiful and exciting combination of passion, adventure adrenaline and competitivity in one small, yet wonderful country.

It is important to mention that this country has trained qualified personnel and has obtained extensive experience in this area of extreme tourism, so much so that it has hosted the World Fishing Championship, Surf World, Adventure World, U17 Soccer Women’s World Championship and Central, 2020 U20 Socer Women´s World Championship and American Shooting Tournament, to mention some of them.

Costa Rica is a small country but it is home to great biodiversity, giving you the opportunity to live an incomparable tropical adventure. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches, mountains, plains, and rainy, dry, humid and cloudy forests. Here are some of the most popular adventure sports activities that tourists can do when visiting Costa Rica:

1) Canopy or Zip Line: This activity consists of sliding on a cable between the trees, making you feel a wonderful experience of being able to fly surrounded by nature. It should be noted that each tree has a platform on which it is located. A qualified and trained guide with all safety systems places the person on the cable so that it can slide.

2) White water rapids: This is known as one of the favorite activities carried out by tourists in Costa Rica due to the great flow of adrenaline that is experienced when performing it. The best of all is that this country has rivers of different flow speeds and therefore you can practice this activity in a different river adjusted to the skills and experience of each person.

3) Surfing: For the lovers of this sport, in Costa Rica they have at their disposal beautiful beaches ideal for this activity. They are Samara Beach and Naranjo Beach in Guanacaste or Jaco Beach in Puntarenas  where you can surf or even take some classes with excellent professionals in the area.

4) Forest Treks: This is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities thanks to the beautiful National Parks and protected reserves of Costa Rica in which tourists find trails suitable for the enjoyment of both flora and fauna. Most important is that each trail adapts to all types of travelers.